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How to Make a Proposal

Tally offers a simple interface to build governance proposals. This guide describes the basic operations of making a governance proposal.

First, verify that you have a sufficient number of votes by visiting the voting interface or calling getCurrentVotes on the IPT contract and checking proposalThreshold. If your address is whitelisted, you can create proposals without meeting the voting power requirement. Second, the propose function takes as arguments targets[], values[], signatures[], calldatas[], description string, emergency boolean. Targets are addresses that, upon proposal execution, call the corresponding function from the proposal signatures with the relevant call data. Each array must be the same length. The proposal description should be in markdown but can be any string. The emergency boolean is a new feature of Governor Charlie. The proposer has the option to submit a regular proposal or an emergency proposal. Emergency proposals have a shorter execution delay but require a significantly higher quorum compared to a regular proposal.

More information on governance available here.

Information on governance parameters available here.